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Acier Sombre
Name: Acier Sombre
Gender: Male
Colour: Orignal Grey
Birthdate: 15th of November 1989
Nationality: French

Personality: he's a very quiet netural character. His b arly shows any emotion. He's an insomniac that tends to live behind the sofa. He's rather clever and tends to apper from behind the sofa to reveal facts during an conversation. Some speculate he has a laptop behind that is always on wikipedia. who knows...

Likes: behind the couch and quietness

Dislikes: loud places...sleep

Favourite colours (why/who): He is neutural on all colours

Least favourite colours (why/who): he is neutural on all colours


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Hello dear- Oh my are you okay!? You need to go lie down!
i never lie down... sleeping is not a thing i do
Are you sure? I could get you a pillow and a blanket and some warm milk and a teddy bear and... *rambles*
......*breaths heavily*.....
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